Benefits Of Dancing
Dancing is a great way to exercise without knowing it!
It is also a great way to Improve your social life - Meet other people and make new friends with others who are just like you, singles, couples and friends alike!
Improve your confidence - Dancing encourages confidence and releases endorphins which give you the 'feel good factor'. Help you to relax - Dancing is a great way to forget your troubles for a while, while aerobic activity will physically tire you and aid relaxation. 
Learning new routines encourages the brain to produce new dendrites (connections between nerve cells), which help your brain to store and retrieve information more easily.
Dancing is an excellent way to Improve your posture, balance, concentration & overall co-ordination.
Regular Exercise i.e. dancing burns up calories and can aid a weight loss programme.
Improve circulation and muscle tone particularly in the legs.
And above all, whilst doing all this having fun doing it!
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