Lesson Structure
Teach two modern jive routines each week, with two freestyle sessions playing a mixture of modern back to the 50's music, plus requested tracks.
The first lesson will be a refresher from the previous week's routine, followed by a freestyle session. A new routine will then be taught, and then freestyle will continue till close.
We may have a short warm up session to start the evening off, which may consist of a stroll, Charleston, barn dance or even the Gay Gordon's, to get everyone in the mood, for a relaxed fun evening.
Routines constructed as follows:
. Demonstrate the routine.
. Explain each move clearly.
. Walk through the routine, with prompts.
. Dance the routine to music, calling out the moves.
. Offer additional input to anyone who wishes it, during the freestyle sessions.
. A video of the routine will be emailed to all members, for them to refer to.
As a new visitor your first visit to the club on Thursday is free, from then on the cost is £5 per person.
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